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Pressure sprayers 5-10 litres

We offer a wide range of Pressure sprayers (from 5 up to 10 liters) with different colours, capacity, materials and seals (VITON – NBR - EPDM). All the pressure sprayer are designed to meet the needs of professionals and they are resistant to stong chemical agents. Among other models, we want to present the Foamer line with its strong 110° foamer lance, it is mainly used in wide areas– such as to clean glass walls, truck-trailers or to externally and internally clean cars. We’d like to introduce Archetype line, the PRO version is the first sprayer to have four couplings right on the head of the pump. Two of these couplings are designed to connect the pressure gauge (included) and the air pump fitting. Archetype line is ideal for the Automotive and the building field. Besides other common application are gardening, agriculture, and greenhouse but also industrial cleaning and disinfection of rural and civic areas, stables and farms. Epoca recommends testing a sample of the product in question (including its seals) with your chemical compositions.

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