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Pressure sprayers 0-2 litres

We offer a wide range of Pressure sprayers (from 1 up to 2 liters) with different colours, capacity, materials (PA or PP) and seals (VITON– NBR - EPDM). Some of the models are supplied with the patented safety block mode, some other with the 360 system, while Foamer line products are fitted with the 110° foam nozzle. There is a wide range of nozzles available (both in plastic and in metal). Among the various model we would like to introduce A-Type, which is fitted with a large stability base and translucent view stripe line. We also present the “colour code” version, designed to help to visually identify a liquid product with a specific sprayer- to use it for specific applications. They are mainly used with: phytosanitary, weed-killer, professional detergent, liquid wax, glass cleaner, chemical such as engine cleaner, brake cleaner and disinfectant products. Epoca recommends testing a sample of the product in question (including its seals) with your chemical compositions.

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