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Galaxia is a high-quality and fully equipped line of professional sprayers, with stylish design and exclusive performance. This line includes hand sprayers, pressure sprayers (from 2 to 10 litres) and knapsack sprayer. Galaxia 100 and Galaxia 2 are also available with the 360° system and with brass nozzle. The 7 and 10 litres pressure sprayers are equipped with a useful nylon bag, that can be used to store the pump and its accessories after each use. In fact, both the 7 and 10 litres pressure sprayers, as well as the knapsack sprayer, are fitted with telescopic lance, cone shield and spare part kit. Moreover, the knapsack sprayer is ambidextrous and watertight. Be it a professional or a passionate hobbyist - anyone will enjoy this article’s practicity, especially in gardening, horticulture, greenhouses, and small-scale agriculture.

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