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Covid-19: measures taken

This unexpected, delicate situation that all of us are living in this period put a strain on us, but our resilience prevailed. After a brief adaptation period during which we decided what our strategy and intervention plan would be, we are now actively working to achieve the shared goal of keeping our Company open and running, ensuring the health and safety of all of our co-workers.

We want to reassure all our stakeholders by sharing our motto: “The Health of our workers is the Health of our Company itself”.

For all of our daily working activities we took and observed precautions to safeguard our workers’ health and safety. 

In this regard, we adopted the Common regulatory protocol for measures to combat and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace signed on March 14th 2020 by the Government and Confindustria’s President, aimed at “combining the continuation of production activities with the guarantee of healthy and safe working environments and working methods”, following precaution’s logic.

We did not suspend our operations ensuring adequate levels of protection to our workers, we did not resort to social safety nets and we favored smart-working. We planned a periodic sanitization of the workplace premises and adopted the safety protocol measures to contain the spread of the virus, using specific PPE, respecting distancing of at least 1 meter between people, and limiting the movements within the premises as well as the access to shared spaces.

Considering all the measures we adopted to guarantee a safe environment to our stakeholders, Epoca reconfirms our important Company value to be a trustworthy business partner to rely on during this emergency period, at the best of our human and economic potential.